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Effective Negotiating

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Author : Chester L Karrass
Publish :1970 /
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EFFECTIVE NEGOTIATING: STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATING, FOR SEMINAR ATTENDEES ONLY, NOT FOR SALE, BY DR. CHESTER L. KARRASS. 'Dear Participant: The public and in-house customized negotiating seminars are designed to help you achieve better both-win agreements in your business and personal transactions. It contains an arsenal of ideas that will work for you just as they have for astute business people throughout the centuries. In these practical programs you will learn what works, why it works, and how to defend your self when someone uses negotiating tactics against you. You will discover how to plan more effectively and how to come up with agreements that benefit not only yourself but the other party as well. I have included extensive take-home materials for each participant for continued reference during the seminar as well as in the future. I'm glad you could join us at this public or in-house seminar. Here is an adventure of ideas that you can put to work profitably tomorrow morning. Sincerely, (signed as) Dr. Chester L. Karrass, Director.'

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